RADIOSUCCESSI’s “Certified Genuine Italian Swing”

“Certified Genuine Italian Swing” with RADIOSUCCESSI

No doubt RADIOSUCCESSI is the only truly Italian jazz quintet delivering “Certified Genuine Italian Swing” in Melbourne, since 2015.

Wanna know why? Is there any other jazz combo in town that can include up to three (out of five!) real Italian musicians, just very recently relocated to Australia? Can you quote another jazz band regularly called to perform by the Italian Cultural Institutes in Australia or the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Melbourne? But most of all: which is the other band around, that, leaving behind the cheesy copies of Italian songs made famous by American singers like Louis Prima and Dean Martin, is really able to showcase intriguing tunes from the classy, sophisticated and intense Italian repertoire of the 50s and 60s or even surprise you with unexpected gems made famous by goddesses of Italian cinema the likes of Sophia Loren and Gina Lollobrigida?

Radiosuccessi, featuring the Florentine singer Ilaria Crociani, Mirko Guerrini on saxophones, piano and accordion, Carlo Alberto Canevali on drums and Melbournian jazz heavyweights Ryan Griffith on guitar and Jono Brown on double bass, will presents its recent CD entitled “Mr. Amore”.

The repertoire includes some sparkling Italian up-tempo songs, written by the most famous songwriters, like Bruno Martino (Estate, Fai Male, Forse) and Lelio Luttazzi (Mi piace, Bum Ahi, Che colpo di luna, Senza cerini), or sung by Italian chateuses like Mina, Jula de Palma and Milva. Plus some American successes that became popular in Italy in the Fifties thanks to their translation into Italian.

Come and join us for a space-time travel to Italy!


Radiosuccessi is an Italian-Australian band:

Ilaria Crociani                                                –     vocals

Mirko Guerrini                                               –     saxes, clarinet, piano, accordion, MD

Ryan Griffith                                                   –     guitars, clarinet

Jonathan Brown or Tom Lee                 –     bass

Niko Schauble                                               –    drums, percussion, live electronics


Occasional guests: Gianni Marinucci on trumpet.